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What I Won’t Miss, What I’ll Miss in Seattle

(In the spirit of Nora Ephron's What I'll Miss, What I Won't Miss)

What I Won’t Miss


Slow buses that take an hour to go five miles


Biking across 15th

The narrow lanes of the Aurora Bridge

The homeless camp surrounding the Ballard library

The homeless crisis

$11 happy hour cocktails


Dating techies

Blue badges

Gray days that never seem to wake up

Never being able to afford a house in the city I live in

Having to bike up hills for most places I go

Having to drive over an hour to cross country ski

No cute towns within an hour drive

Long, expensive rides to the airport

Feeling like a weirdo because I don’t want to drive for hours to go hiking

What I’ll Miss

Olympic Sculpture Park

Biking through the trainyards and along the water to the Olympic Sculpture Park

Ellenos passion fruit yogurt

Essential Baking rosemary bread


Watching seals on my commute through the Locks

The curve in the path under the train bridge on my run to Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens

The Seattle Public Library

The Little Free Libraries of Ballard

Listening to KEXP’s John in the Morning on the radio

Sunset Hill Park

Discovery Park

The yellow houses at Discovery Park

Biking up to my friends in Bitter Lake

Whidbey Island

Elliott Bay Book Co

Diner breakfasts at the old Crocodile

Shows at the new Crocodile

The Tin Hat


My balcony

Foster Island

Vaccine mandates

Liberals everywhere

The Seattle Times

Waking up to the smell of the ocean and the sound of seagulls in the summer

Walks up my neighborhood hills to look out at the water

Friends who sail and kayak

Running the top of Queen Anne

Biking down Sunset Hill

Renee Erickson restaurants

Fresh hops


Classes at SIFF

Running on damp spring mornings under cherry blossoms

My friends

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But.... where are you going Katie?! (PS, I highly recommend the KEXP app for listening to John in the Morning. He is my morning gospel most days, even in the middle of nowhere Idaho. -Teresa

Me gusta
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